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Dryer Repair Service in Plainview, NY USA

Dryer repair service in Plainview Ny

The dryer is one of the important appliances for the laundry process. With the invention of the dryer and washer, the laundry process has become simple and easy. Your dryer needs maintenance, and you don’t know what to do! When any of your appliances stop working and your routine is disturbed, you get frustrated and in a bad mood. But to maintain and repair your dryer, A-One appliance repairs is here to serve you. Our well-trained technicians can easily solve your dryer issues in no time. Not only this, but we also take a warranty on our labor work and spare parts! Keep reading to know more about Dryer repair professionals in Plainview, NY

Why do people prefer to hire professional dryer repair services?

All appliances, including the dryer, are manufactured with different techniques and concepts at the back. A dryer is a machine at the end of the day, so it will need maintenance and repair too. But doing it on your own is not a wise decision as it mostly ends up making the issue more prominent and increasing your repair expenses. Compared to the common man, the professional repairman of dryers knows better how to tackle the appliance.

There is a vast difference between the maintenance done on your own and professional dryer repair services. If your dryer is making weird noises, contact the Best dryer repair service in long Island. Our expert team will be at your home within two hours.

Brands we have dealt with 

A-One appliance repairs have been part of the repairing appliances field for 20 years. We have expertise in dealing with the dryer of most brands. 

For a better understanding, here is the list of brands we have dealt with. 

  • Whirlpool Dryer repair service
  • Admiral Dryer repair service
  • Speed queen Dryer repair service
  • Frigidaire Dryer repair service
  • Kenmore Dryer repair service
  • LG Dryer repair service
  • Kitchenaid Dryer repair service
  • Samsung Dryer repair service
  • Sears Dryer repair service

Brands we deal with

Common problems that our experts face in dryer repair services.

A dryer is a must-have appliance in almost every house. It’s a critical step after washing the clothes. But guess what? You have just put your clothes in, and your dryer suddenly stops. The mess that can be created, you don’t have any idea.  There is nothing terrible in solving the issue on your own, but it ends up making the problem severe. Here are a few common problems that our expert technicians go through. 

The dryer is not turning on.

Using a dryer is part of the daily routine. You are just about to switch on the dryer, but it’s not turning on. Call the dryer experts in Plainview, NY, asap. There can be different reasons behind the dryer getting on.  It could be a damaged power cord to an issue with the circuit breaker. Our professional team will first make the diagnosis and conclude. There can be other reasons, such as a broken power cord or damaged dryer door switch. You can deal with the situation on your own, but you can lead to danger too by taking any wrong step.

dryer is not turining on

 Tackling these appliances needs in-depth knowledge and experience; for that, our experts are ideal. Our appliance technicians are fully trained and Certified, proving they are excellent in their work. We have experience of repairing dryers of different brands.

The machine is making weird noises. 

The most common problem is that your dryer makes annoying and weird noises since the dryer has different parts which move too. Every part has an important role in making the dryer work. When you notice that your dryer is making extra noises, it’s better to get help from professional appliance repair services.

The thumping noise is because of broken glides. The glides are inside the dryers located at the front of the drums. These glides can get damaged or break too, which adds more noise. Our well-trained technician will thoroughly analyze your dryer to determine why the machine makes noises. The team will check the dryer’s blower wheel and the drum support roller.  A-One appliance repair services provide you with same-day diagnosis and repair facilities, which means we can help you replace the spare parts. 

Clothing is Still Wrinkled When It Comes Out of the Dryer

Most people just bunt the wrinkled clothes into the dryer. Enough heat from the dryer quickly makes the clothes wrinkle-free. After the cycle of the dryer, if there are wrinkles on your clothes, then simply your dryer is having some issues, and you need to get it repaired asap. 

However, you can check the settings to get the problem fixed. After making all the possible efforts, the issue is still identical, so it’s high time for you to seek professional help. We provide the best dryer repair services in Plainview, NY, to make your life hassle-free and organized. Get in touch with us immediately, and our team will help you.

The Dryer Isn’t Producing Heat

When your clothes are tumbled in the wet dryer, it indicates not generating enough heat. Instead of taking the matter into your hands, call the professionals; they will diagnose the issue and tell you the cause of less heat. When you call our expert team to check why the dryer is not producing enough heat, ultimately, the team will analyze the thermal fuse. 

dryer making noice and heat issue

The role of the fuse is to stop the dryer from overheating. Once it breaks, so the dryer will stop heating at all. Even the temperature switch present on the control panel of your dryer can be the reason behind it. Our expert technicians will analyze the problem and fix it on the same day; you just have to give us one call.

Types of dryers we repair

Dryers are an essential appliance in your home, isn’t it?  These appliances make our life easier, and when they stop working, it gets frustrating. A-One appliance repairs are the one-stop solution for your dryer-related queries and services. Here are the type of dryers we repair; let’s look.

  • Condenser tumble dryers
  • Heat pump tumble dryers
  • Vented tumble dryers.

Why do customers choose A-One appliance repair? 

A-One appliance repairs have made a strong position in the market for 20 years. We have an experienced team of hard-working and well-trained techniciansMore than that, we have experience dealing with almost every brand’s dryers. Even though, to make your life stress free, we offer same-day diagnosis and repair. 

Responsive to calls 

Honestly, washing clothes is not less than war itself. It’s time-consuming and demands effort. But these appliances, such as washers and dryers, make the work effective and efficient.  Your dryer can break down, too, during the laundry, and your whole work will be paused. And the new hassle to get it repaired starts. The functioning of dryers can be affected by different factors; some can be severe, while few can be expected. Our customer support team is responsive to calls, and you will likely get a reply on the same day. We are punctual at appointments as per the schedule. 

Moreover, if your matter is getting severe, our contact center experts will guide you on how to tackle the situation with your dryer until our experts arrive. Try to solve the issue; if you think the matter is out of your hands, it’s time to call A One appliance repair now.

contact us

Same-day diagnosis and repairing

Dryers are a daily use appliance; if it stops working, your life activities will be disturbedAll you have to do is book the appointment, and within two hours, our team will be at your place in Plainview, NY. 

Well trained technicians

Our technicians are fully trained and certified. They have in-depth knowledge about every part of the dryer. Our hard-working and expert repairman can detect the issue in less time.


A-One appliance repairs are one of the experienced repairing services available in Plainview, NY. We are a prominent repair service in town.

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If your dryer is having some issue and you are avoiding it, you are creating a problem for yourself. The machine needs maintenance and repair. But every appliance gives some signs before it stops working. To increase the lifespan of the dryer, you should maintain it daily. From all your major appliance services to small appliance repair, A-One appliance repairs is the go-to option. What are you waiting for? Call us right away.

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    1. It’s recommended to have your dryer serviced at least once a year to ensure that it is functioning properly and to prevent any potential issues. Regular maintenance can help extend the lifespan of the dryer and improve its efficiency, as well as prevent safety hazards such as fires.

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