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Dryer repair services in Huntington NY USA

Dryer repair services in Huntington

The laundry process was a hassle and required time, energy, and effort. But the invention of dryers and washers makes the process efficient and hassle-free. But isn’t it annoying if your dryer stops working in the middle of your laundry process? It is! A-One appliance repairs are available for Dryer Repair service in Huntington, NY, on the same day, even without extra charges. 

A-One appliances repairs have been providing top-notch home appliance repair services for two decades. We have made their brand in the market because of affordable rates and good customer service. From the dryer to the stove, our expert technicians can solve all your appliance issues perfectly.

Most Common Brands We Repair

Our dryer repair technicians are familiar with most of the big brands. They can repair the dryer of the following brands; let’s look. 

  • Whirlpool Dryer Repair Service
  • Admiral Dryer Repair Service
  • Speed queen Dryer Repair
  • Frigidaire Dryer Repair Service
  • Kenmore Dryer Repair Service
  • LG Dryer Repair Service
  • Kitchenaid Dryer Repair Service
  • Samsung Dryer Repair Service
  • Sears Dryer Repair Service

Services that we will provide

A-One appliance repairs provide all these services which makes them unique among others. Let’s have a look,!

  1. Our customer support is available 24/7
  2. We don’t have any hidden charges for urgent repair services 
  3. We have the facility of the same-day appointment for diagnosis and repair.
  4. We provide a 90 days warranty on labor service and the parts attached.

Appliance repair services

High-quality spare parts for better dryer service

We take responsibility for and warranty its spare parts. For better quality services, we opt for high-quality replacement components. 

To make our repairing more effective and efficient, our technicians have a supply of all the parts required to fix the dryer. Let’s have a look at the different high-quality products we have;

  • Temperature switches
  • Hoses
  • Agitator assemblies
  • Belts
  • Pressure switches
  • Heating coils
  • Fuses
  • Pumps
  • Motors
  • Timers Thermostat

The specialized, well-trained dryer repair team

The expert team of A-one appliance repairs has been working in Huntington, NY, for a long time! We hire factory-trained, certified, and qualified technicians for our team. Moreover, our technicians have in-depth knowledge of the appliance. 

Well trained team of technicians

That’s why it’s easy for them to crack the loophole, diagnose the issue and finish the repair on the same day. You can trust our team with your expensive appliances; your valuables are safe. Not only this, we come up with a warranty for labor service and parts used.

Why it’s better to hire a professional for your dryer maintenance 

Maintaining a dryer can be easier, and you don’t need professional help! But honestly, hiring professionals is better as they have in-depth knowledge about the dryer and experience. 

Sometimes, when you repair the dryer yourself and due to the lack of knowledge, you can make things worse. Here are the reasons why it’s better to hire the professional 

1. Have the right tools

The professionals have the proper tools to complete the job perfectly and effectively. Suppose they have long brushes, which can easily clean the lint from the vent. 

2. Well-trained and experienced

Honestly, tackling the dryer problems and solving them perfectly is not easy. It needs proper training, good education, and experience. By hiring a professional, you can be mentally relaxed that your appliance is in safe hands. 

3. Know how to tackle 

Since they worked with the appliances for a long time, they know how to tackle any danger during the repair.

Common problems technicians faced

Repairing any appliance, such as a dryer, needs proper training and experience. Our technicians have experience dealing with dryer problems for two decades. You can quickly get Dryer repair services in Huntington NY with just one call. Let’s look at the dryer-related problems they faced while repairing it.

common dryer problems

1. The Dryer Does Not Run

The dryer not functioning is the most common problem, and multiple culprits exist. First, make sure that it’s plugged in. Even after being plugged in, your dryer is not working, so it’s better to check the electrical outlet to see a current flow.

 If there is some issue with the electrical outlet, get professional help from an electrician. In the case of a gas dryer, you should ensure you have enough gas for the unit. If the power source is acceptable, there must be an issue with the inner components, so it’s high time to contact the Best dryer repair company near you

2. The dryer is not getting hot

Did you ever face the fact that you were just in the dryer and your clothes were all the same when you returned? The heating problem in the dryer is widespread. Before checking the inner components, it’s better to review and ensure the settings are correct. There is the possibility that your dryer is not getting heat because of the wrong dial. 

Another possibility is that the thermal fuse is faulty. A thermal fuse’s role is to ensure the heating process is safe. However, it’s easy to get the thermal fuse changed. Another reason can be that your coils are not working. The coil is the heating element located at the back of the dryer. If your coils are burned, replace them to get the dryer heat.

3. Drum Not Spinning

It’s effortless to deal with the dryer when your drum is at fault. The drum u not, drum isn’t spinning due to a bad belt. The belt can be at fault in two ways: it’s spoiled or dislocated from its spot. 

However the drum is set in the rollers, so the roller rolls continuously, and at some point, it will need replacement.

Contact Us  for reliable dryer repair services in Huntington, NY

We are your go-to service provider in Huntington, NY, for your appliance-related assistance, from the dryer to the stove. With amazing features, you can consider A-One appliance repairs as one of the best dryer repair service providers in Long Island. 

We are not only providing same-day diagnosis and repair services to make things organized for you. From our labor to the parts used, we are genuine and experienced. With an amazing skilled team and experience in this industry, you will get fantastic dryer repair services in Huntington NY.

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