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List of the Best appliance repair services providers in Long Island

Best appliance repair services providers in Long Island

Finding a reliable and authentic appliance repair service is no less than a hassle. But our List of the Best appliance repair services in Long Island will be the savior for you. Nothing is more disheartening than seeing your appliance broken. Almost every appliance needs proper maintenance and care, or its lifespan will be affected. These electronics can be life-threatening to repair on your own, so it’s better to call a professional repairing expert company for help.

In this article, we will discuss long island appliance repair services.  Keep reading to know more about it. When you hire a professional appliances expert for your expensive appliances, you have peace of mind that they are in safe hands. If the company is reliable and gives a guarantee, the clients can easily invest in repair and services. 

Benefits of hiring appliances repair experts

  1. They provide same-day appliance repair services, making it convenient and easy for the clients. Without the daily use of appliances, your life can be a mess. 
  1. To save some money, most appliance repair service providers use fake spare parts. But that’s not the case with the A-one appliance repairs as they use high quality and genuine spare parts. Not only this, their experts take the guarantee of the parts attached, and they get replaced, too, if it stops working within the warranty.
  1. They have a specialized and well-trained technician for every appliance, from washers to refrigerators. 
  1. Your carelessness and ignoring the small issues of your appliances can make it bigger. It’s better to get an immediate diagnosis and repair it asap.

best appliances repairs in long island

Here is the list of best appliance repair services providers in Long Island:

1. A-one appliance repairs- Best Appliance Repair Company in Long Island, NY

As technology progresses, the invention of appliances has made our lives easier. When any of the daily life appliances stops working, here the problem comes. A-one appliance repairs is a one-stop solution with all the repairing services from the kitchen to washing appliances. Speedy appointment scheduling, well-trained technicians and next-level customer support make them stand out and shine among the competitors.

They have been a strong player in this application repairing industry for 20 years. They are experts in diagnosing and mending the damage point with full focus and expertise. To maintain the appliance and increase its lifespan, it’s important to service domestic appliances daily. They also have same-day diagnosis and repair services, making the repair process smooth and effective.

Appliance Repair Company

 A-one appliance repairs has become a stop shop as it has a deal with almost all the leading appliance brands. It can repair all the appliances, such as refrigerators repair, ovens repair, washers repair, Dishwashers repair, Freezers repair, ice makers repair, cook-top repair and Stoves repairs. They keep their team and company updated with new technology and methodologies to deliver quality appliance repair services.

2. Mr Appliance

Mr appliance is one of the general appliance repair spot. From kitchen appliance repair to laundry appliance services, Mr appliance can handle everything. Our experts can make any appliance repair easy to tackle with specialized training and next-level technology. 

The benefits of choosing our residential appliance repairs include the following:

  • Not only this, Mr appliance will provide guarantee on their work. They value the customer’s time, so they are punctual in their appointment timing. To make the process transparent, there are no hidden taxes or charges. 
  • The best thing is Mr appliance has a deal with multiple appliances of different brands, which makes them experienced. 
  • Our employees are qualified and professional, which makes the repairing more effective.

3. Fleet appliance

Here comes another appliance repair service, Fleet appliance, which has around 25 years of experience in the industry. Besides this, it deals with the many appliances of different brands. They have trained and certified technicians, making the repair process hassle-free and efficient.

3. Universe home 

Universe home service is also known as universe appliance. For more than 65 years, universe appliances has been a strong player in the industry. Our technician can handle everything from repairing an Ac to installing the boiler. It doesn’t matter what the project size is, small or big; our well-trained experts can do it perfectly.  Using top-quality materials and hiring experienced technicians, their work stands out and becomes the best appliance repair service in Long Island.

Universe appliance values customer time and comfort; that’s why they are punctual on the appointment time scheduled. Not only this, they give one year guarantee on all the work done and a five-year guarantee on the parts and technician work done. This value to the customers and high-quality work make them authentic.

4. Rd appliance repair services

Rd appliance services are one of the most experienced appliance repair services in Long Island. It provides top-notch quality repair services for your appliances and a one-year warranty. Rd appliance services are doing maintenance of almost every home brand but especially the expensive ones from 1963. 

 With new technology, our experts have become better at their work. They carry tablets with them to work with, make it easier to diagnose and also have pre-loaded factory technical documentation.

5. Puls Appliance Repair 

Puls Appliance Repair has a team of people who are reliable and well-trained technicians. These certified technicians can do next-level services to make your home run smoothly. Its headquarters is in San Francisco, and over 5000 are all over the United States. Puls’s expert team is properly tested and trusted to easily go to your house and make your worry less by treating the appliances. 

They properly examine and analyze the person to ensure top-notch work and good sales. The repair is done on time so the clients can get done with other work if important. The client’s time and energy are saved as their experienced team will take the matters into their hands and solve them with perfection.

6. Americare Appliance

Americare appliance repair is made to make people’s lives easier by dealing with broken daily-use appliances.  Since all their employees have experience and 10 years of training and practice, which makes them shine.  They not only value the customers in their words but in their actions too, as they listen to the client’s problems with full focus and plan the solution accordingly, seeing the depth of the problem. 

They offer machine repair services to customers in specific areas. Moreover, their prices are too budget friendly for every type of service. They aim to make their one-time customers permanent for all appliance repair needs. They have factory-trained and tech-specialized technicians who do your repair perfectly.

7. Amaro appliance repair

Amaro appliance is one of the good appliance repair services in Long Island. The best thing is that they mostly have 90% repairing parts, due to which they tackle the client’s problem on the first visit only. Mostly, all the technicians are well trained and educated; not only this, they have attended training classes of MSA and factory service seminars. They take 100% guarantee of their repairing services done. Moreover, they can deal with the problems of the kitchen appliances and washing ones.’

8. Timely appliance

From repairing ovens to dryers, the timely appliance can help you out. It doesn’t matter how big the project is, they have good experience in dealing with appliance problems. The timely appliance has experience dealing with the appliances of all major brands such as Whirlpool, Caloric, Maytag, GE, Tappan, Magic Chef and others. More than that, they can repair ovens, washers, dryers and so on. 

Experienced and factory-trained workers can diagnose your appliance issue and repair it perfectly. Therefore, they have all the parts of the appliances so the replacement can be efficient and sell the used or damaged parts.



Our daily life appliance makes our life easy and sorted. When any of it stops working, our lives are somewhere affected.Instead of dealing with it alone, it’s better to call professional repair services. We have listed the most authentic professional appliance repairing providers in Long Island. From major to small appliance repair, A-one appliance repairs services is the perfect choice. It only provides same-day services but immediate diagnosis, they successfully make others’ lives easier and more organized.  What are you waiting for? Contact Us A-one appliance repairs now to get your appliances checked.

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